Conferences, Talks and Events

Check out what conferences, talks and events I have recently attended to or watched online to get more insights on what topics I am interested on at the moment.

Azure Container Apps with .NET 6

Azure Container Apps gives us yet another way to deploy containers to Azure. The service is in early previews but we're going to take it for a test drive here by deploying an ASP.NETCore 6 Minimal APIs to Azure Container Apps. Container Apps gives us a very cool and productive abstraction on top of AKS, KEDA and DAPR.
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High-performance services with gRPC: What's new in .NET 6

gRPC is a high-performance RPC framework used to build fast apps. In this talk the new features of gRPC for .NET 6 will be overviewed, including Performance improvements,Transient fault handling with retries, Client-side load balancing, gRPC with HTTP/3.
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Modern data APIs with EF Core and GraphQL

Demo on how to setup GraphQL on a .NET minimal API project with EF Core and a JavaScript client. This talk is part of the .NETConf 2021.

A Sneaky Peek at C# 10

C# 10 is coming, in this talk the features that will likely land in this release will be explored. These vary from some exciting big features that can significantly change what a typical C# file looks like today,and to some of the smaller quality of life and niche (but interesting!) features.
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Using Azure Managed Identities

Azure Managed Identity provide an identity for applications to use when connecting to resources.

Deep dive into Azure Service Bus messaging with the .NET SDK

Basic messaging operations like sending, receiving, and publish/subscribe. Design considerations related to the topology of a system’s queues, topics, subscriptions, and rules.Implementation of advanced messaging concepts like atomic sends, batching, and transactions. How to guarantee reliability and consistency in a cloud messaging environment
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Intro to Apache Cassandra

Architecture of Cassandra, how it differs from relational databases and other NoSQL databases, as well as common use cases. Deep dive into a few modern Cassandra features.

In-Depth Azure Synapse Analytics

A look into what pieces make up the buffet that is Azure Synapse Analytics. Discussion on how Synaprse Analytics can work with both structured and unstructured data with ease,and explore some of the architectural patterns that ensure security and performance.
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Overview of Modern Data Architectures

Short comparision between Synapse Analytics (SQL DW), HDInsight, Azure Data Lake Analytics, Azure SSIS Integration Runtime, Azure Data Factory (Mapping Data Flows),Azure Databricks and PowerBI Dataflows.
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Kafka as a Platform: The Ecosystem from the Ground Up

Introduction to Apache Kafka: the log, topics, partitions, pub/sub, streams, Kafka connects, ksql.